Waveswept Treasures by the wakefields

About Us

All the jewellery pendants we sell are NATURAL BEACH PICKED GLASS AND FOUND BEACH TREASURES, predominantly collected on Lake Erie, and other lakes and oceans that we have travelled to (Atlantic Coast and Mediterranean) .

We do NOT trade in so-called “man made” beach glass, nor do we “alter” or “help” our found beach glass through additional tumbling or chemical alterations. Everything is sold “as found.”

The whitish “frosting” you see on the glass is the natural patina that results from being tumbled by waves, combined with tiny salt crystals left behind after the ocean water dried.

We use only jewelry grade non tarnishing wire, combined with natural beach glass and pottery treasures enhanced with vintage and unusual embellishments to make each piece one of a kind! We also do (and have done) special orders, which make unique gifts for weddings and other special occasions.

We have been lucky enough to have enjoyed careers travelling across North America, Europe Africa and Asia where we have been able to indulge in our love of beach combing . Combining our hobby with our love of natural jewellery and living on the lake has evolved into our business, which we have recently moved from Prince Edward Island to the shores of Lake Erie

Leamington, Ontario